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xxl cow surf

Cow reached seven meters high to give a tremendous show.

Only 32 surfers in the international order have been invited to the national premier event of big waves (not counting the Punta Galea Challenge for belonging to the World Tour big wave.)

This tremendous wave located just 5kms from the city of Santander breaks on background rock deep (10 meters) so no risk for the surfer colliding against the background.

The wave reached seven meters. A cow height of a building of three floors facing bellowing selected to surf this wave surfers.

The fury cow split tables for some of the contestants, unfortunately being eliminated. From the stalls of the cliffs of El Bocal, falls after living with tension and calm when rescuers on jet skis safely put surfers.

The winner, the tamer ‘La Vaca XXL’ was the German resident in Tenerife Alex Zirke. ‘I do not think has been the best, I just luckier than the rest. I think more than a wave scored several lefts that took me regularly. I won by regularity, I think. ‘ A modest winner.

The winner was followed by the British Tom Buttler and Adur Metamendia (Zarautz). The first Spaniard in the standings has been receiving Miguel weish fourth in a competition filled with emotions he did not disappoint at any time.

xxl cow surf . See  in xcooltube .

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