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upper body exercises that improve your paddle surf

In this video we will know a series of exercises to help us increase our power, at the same time help us avoid injury and achieve greater flexibility.

When it comes to flexibility, to what really refer to is the mobility, to have access Total movement and to control it.

Do you have adequate mobility in your shoulder to make full movement of the paddle? Do you have enough mobility in the glenohumeral ligament shoulder to the impulse to get up on the table? Do you have mobility in the thoracic spine that allows you to an extent sufficient to protect your neck and shoulder area when you paddle? The flexibility / mobility is essential to train as mentioned working capacity (resistance) and surf without injury.

When we surfed combine an explosive movement rowed variable intensity, strength to rise and the force used for ducks.

That is why surfers need work capacity of the upper body.

There are a lot of upper body workouts.

The video shows the dual – roll and double thrust.

It consists of two movements, the first higher intensity with fewer repetitions and the second less intense but more repetitions, followed by a pushing movement and jump circuit camber.

These exercises will practice at 80% capacity, allowing us to keep moving and producing muscle strength.

Training Surf upper body movement strength roll (High intensity, low reps (8-10) movement force (Low intensity, high repetitions (15-20) -Change in the push (8-15) repetitions depending on the movement) movement Cardio- eg, Comba reps:.


3-5 Break short periods Adecua.


these exercises to your equipment and ability.

it matters more movement quality than quantity.

Keep moving as long as possible with short periods of rest.

Flexibility and Mobility.

you need healthy joints with plenty of movement.

If you are limited for some orthopedic injury or any reason you need to train your movements in an area without pain.

Finally, remember to work your flexibility, the health of your tissues, your trigger points and alignment of your joints and posture.

We hope these tips will be useful to improve the quality and duration of your workouts in the water.

upper body exercises that improve your paddle surf . See  in xcooltube .

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