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to Maldivian surf wave has arrived

It’s over.

History against cooperatives and multinationals always have a sad ending. A few weeks ago we feared the destruction of the Maldivian wave of the capital Male. Today this fear has become reality.

The destruction of the point break of Rats was the last hardest blow that the community has received surfers and bodyboarders Maldives. But the worst thing not just here, but in the name of development, several point breaks are also threatened. Maldivian surfers ask for support for the surfer to end this massive destruction of some of the best waves in the world community.

To Raalhugandu

The last loss of Maldives; Rats Point Break

This video shows the memory of the wave and we can never surf. It is the latest wave of video:

to Maldivian surf wave has arrived . See  in xcooltube .

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