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the worst wave of surf right mundothe

They say the minutes pass like years down there

The Right, Right (for LOGSE). In Western Australia is this monster that pushes you deeper than any other wave hace.Hasta the point where it seems that the ears you will explode, as will drag into the depths. It absorbs and notes its pressure and even try to hold your nose to compensate, shows no mercy. Each swell approaching charged a few eardrums. You

can not remarse, only a few hanging bodies come rowing to her, and when paddling rush to do at the end of the tube. It seems that is close to the coast, but the distance rowed from the shore to the peak is considerably far.

Let’s talk about sharks. Some of those who have dared to enter have seen some of these creatures, and are large. Fin only one of them would feed a whole family of Japanese fishermen for a month.

Finally, we do not forget the background. Mother above, what background! The worst of a wipeout are not the minutes of apnea, but in the days when it gets huge, ease of getting hit against the bottom and do not tell.

With all this, there are still hundreds of surfers who want to kiss the lips of The right, and you do you dream to defy nature?

the worst wave of surf right mundothe . See  in xcooltube .

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