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the tidal bore surfing Papua New Guinea

Or surfing river

The Macareo is a hydrodynamic phenomenon in which ocean tides penetrate rivers in the form of wave tracing the course sometimes up to many kilometers inland starting from the mouth. As Kepa surfing the Pororoca, this phenomenon is the result of a unique gravitational and geometric combination of Sun, Moon and Earth.

Now is Kai Bates who has traveled two days by plane eight hours by car and more by boat to reach their destination. Digul river and the waves that produces the tide

the river surfing a wave has to be a mystical experience, something beyond the ordinary surfing … and despite the discomforts and dangers that can lead (snakes, branches , lack of buoyancy) being part of a universal phenomenon in days like these is something that ou can hardly be described but one lives. ‘This trip to Papua was something super memorable. A place of such beauty, and very different from my home and most places I visit. I felt I was not there just for surfing but also to look at different people and culture. ‘Commented Kai Bates.

the tidal bore surfing Papua New Guinea . See  in xcooltube .

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