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the high-profile New Zealand surf surf adventure

A trip through the waves and landscapes of an exciting country.

New Zealand

The essence of a true surf trip is not in the likes you get on the Internet, but the intensity of your experiences, waves, places, people and moments that you live.

Although not take pictures! Thanks to Instagram and other social networks, travel and surftrips seems to have become something that rewards take pictures and post-arlas Internet as ultimate goal.

And this video reminds us that is not the case at all.

Noah Wegrich, Pat Curren, and Wilem Banks travel from California to discover a particularly good for surfing and to pan in search of good waves exciting country.

Raglan waves as legendary, which you can enjoy in this other video, and more, on a surf trip with the essence of the journey, not the popularity of the Internet, as principal.

Back to the Basics!

the high-profile New Zealand surf surf adventure . See  in xcooltube .

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