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the giant cow epic victory natxo surf gonzalez

Natxo Gonzalez and Justine Dupont are crowned in waves of over six meters in the spectacular La Vaca Gigante 2016 Epic!

The vizcaíno Natxo Gonzalez, followed Indar Unanue also Basque and Italian Sebastian Piu have been crowned this weekend as champions in the men La Vaca Gigante Justine Dupont 2016.

The French victory was able to perfect waves for surfing event that seeks to XXL.

With well attended by the public at an event that grows every year, spectators on the cliffs of the Bocal, near Santander, they could enjoy the show downs of heart attack, brutal waves and adrenaline hundred percent, in a display of the best surfing in size.

More than 50 participants from around the world gave a real show in the Cantabrian waves and wipe outs and frights as the hunted watercraft made the championship one more year an unmissable circuit global giant waves.

Giant Cow moos again!

We leave you with this video of the event where we can see the sea and the waves grows progressively allow the Big Wave riders enjoy the full power of cantabrico.

the giant cow epic victory natxo surf gonzalez . See  in xcooltube .

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