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the generation of women traveling surfer and surf

It is our time

TThe surf usually attracts a certain type of people.

People who like to travel, people who also know how to enjoy solitude.

Soledad sometimes bitter, but sought is a real pleasure, a deep connection with your ‘I’ purer.

And there is no better chance to meet her that refugee in your own caravan.

And it seems that there is a tendency within the culture of the longboard to travel alone, to take refuge in oneself, to feel the independence of travel and self – sufficiency sufficing with what is in the way.

Karina Rozunko is a very good surfer, with an incredible caravan that leads where they want.

Surely if there is a definition of free surfer, she would fit inside it.

Women are, in the eyes of most societies, more fragile, vulnerable and defenseless.

A woman traveling alone runs more risk than a man.

A woman traveling alone ‘is crazy’ (probably more than a man who decides to take the same route).

A woman traveling alone has to take many more precautions.

But do not jump the alarms.

Despite having to walk more carefully, traveling alone, a woman can do the same as a man but with an extra dose of concern.

There is no reason we get carried away by the fear that blocks and not let enjoy.

We know that the world can not be such a nice place sometimes, so still some limitations as it tries to be as unobtrusive as possible to face comments and provocations rather than retaliate.


You do not need any supernatural talent to keep you safe – common sense and rational decision making are enough

A large number of uncomfortable situations can be avoided before they actually put serious: to not show interest by not responding or start a discussion, or simply ignoring some things or leaving the places where people see you as a (sexual) goal.

some girls wear a deodorant with alcohol, which is unlike aerosols personal, legal defense in all countries.

That depends on you and what gives you a greater sense of security.

Do not let the fact that you are a woman becomes why you spend your holiday watching the passers -by from a cafe in the neighborhood.

Plan well your trip, do not forget common sense and act responsibly.

That nothing curb your desire to travel and surf.

Thailand or Bali can be good destinations to get started in just surf trip.

If you want to start closer to home, try the Canaries, good waves and familiar.

And if what you want is to throw the road, north is full of magical spots where you, your board and backpack can yourselves on top of the world.

the generation of women traveling surfer and surf . See  in xcooltube .

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