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the Colossus of mavericks surf

Giant wave par excellence. History, passion and size; surfing Mavericks.

Just 20 minutes from the coast of San Francisco Mavericks wake up in a cold and uncertain to form massive waves that have come to reach 18 meters horizon. His strength is such that it can even be measured on the Richter scale.

The culture of big wave surfing is a success achieved recently and a branch of distinct and independent surf to what people used to know. The large surf meets two sides, the paddling or ‘tow-in’ with jetski. The tables use the big waves are called ‘guns’ and its size and shape vary according to the size of the wave and the surfer technique. It is a longer table that allows surfer faster and more stable rowed.

Mavericks is located on the coast of the dormitory town of Half Moon Bay in Northern California. The water temperature is around 10 ° C. With a wave season begins in October and lasts until March, this wave begins to break with 3 meters but not grasp until about 4 and a half. But the overwhelming fame that precedes this wave has its foundation in the mountain 10-12 meters of water are formed. Which happens every two years; the wave breaks on a different background and more unpredictable.

Surfing using motorized watercraft first introduced in 1994 allowed the surfers ride waves of a size never before surfed. Masters Mavericks in early 2000 were headed by Mel Clark, Virostko and Ken Collins, furrowing waves more than 12 meters.

Undoubtedly, Mavericks is a name known to all. The publicity has been given for such films as ‘Chasing Mavericks’, ‘Riding Giants’ or even ‘Zoolander’ have opened the door to Mavericks to the whole world, but what does Mavericks?

Mavericks is home to the Titans. A massive, powerful and deadly wave that for a decade was only surfed by pioneer Jeff Clark epic and today has become one of the spots of the world ‘s largest size.

This wave has been the protagonist of some of the most epic and dramatic modern era surf, like the death of Mark Foo and Sion Milosky moments.

The deaths of such ambitious and passionate riders changed the way we understand the surf.

Titans of Mavericks is the event of the year in this spot large and the global league of big wave surfing. It is considered one of the most dangerous sports events in the world and get to gather the 24 best big wave in a fight between gladiators.

The courage and worth a Mavericks surfer is history itself. These titans have an iron will and dedication that knows no boundaries, a mind combination, body and passion to be able to look into the eyes of sea beasts as Mavericks.

‘The fear of death is the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any moment. ‘ -Mark Twain

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