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telemetry applied to surf surf

The latest development of engineering applied to surf

Coinciding with the test world championship surf Oi Rio Pro, Brazilian engineering company Sawaya Sports Performance conducted the first tests of its system of data transmission surfer in the water at the beach.

telemetry is a technology used to measure data and send the information wirelessly to the operator in real time. As background in the field of sports, telemetry is used in the World Circuit Formula One and MotoGP.

‘The main objective of this test was to standardize and check some types of antennas and transmissions. We focus rather on the impermeability of equipment in the water. There are many things to be done before applying the system in competitions. The main thing is to reduce the module size and increase the transmission power , ‘says Lucas Castro, a student of electrical engineering at the Mauá Institute of Technology and promoter of the project.

The system is called Big Waves Triangulation System (triangulation system big wave ), an electronic module is set in the table. With an HD camera, images are taken and software processes them and compares them with the measures got the module.

In this way it is possible to measure speed, distance and acceleration of the surfer on a wave. This is a great improvement over the old system, which has a large margin of error and will help in competitions when judging the performance of athletes.

telemetry applied to surf surf . See  in xcooltube .

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