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surf the waves interesting wedge

There are waves on the planet that are unique, whether for the environment, for the wave itself, or other added attractions. Today we will see an industrial washing machine in the making : The wedge.

The Wedge, California. If you do not know much English, the name will not be premonicioso. Actually, it is an adjective meaning wedge wedge. And this is how this wave. This daemon is located on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach. It is a left wave that is formed with the rebound of primary wave on the boardwalk, making it is known for its big waves, the mass of water, wedge-shaped, is a very suitable (or not) place to practice skimboard, surfing, bodyboarding and bodysurfing even though usually what causes are very violent falls. If the conditions of a tide south or south / southwest component are given, fulfilling certain parameters in terms of tide and wave direction, this wedge of water can reach up to nine meters high.

Let us add that the beach at The Wedge has a very sharply, resulting in the familiar ‘shore break’ and a powerful backwash, which often drags people back to the peak. This backwash (or backwash, as they say there), often creates another backwash, which can hit an outgoing wave, and generally to surfe, with enormous force.

With the combined effect of the unpredictability of where incoming waves break, and the strength of the washing machine, the waves become unpredictable, and therefore there is all the rage, while becomes a very dangerous situation. The combination of danger, along with the possibility of being locked in the tube, is one of the attractions of surf The Wedge.

This wave breaks large when heavy storms in the southern hemisphere or large tropical cyclones send their energy south / southwest direction , especially during the summer months and during the fall.

surf the waves interesting wedge . See  in xcooltube .

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