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surf surf in new york city

The city of skyscrapers has beach-and good waves!

Under the watchful eye of the statue of liberty in the heart of downtown skyscrapers in the New York always imagined urban and crowded break waves of good quality for surfing. Rockaway Beach, the city immortalized by the song of the Ramones legendary, have perfect days and gives clean and powerful tubes when it receives swells of the Atlantic.

There is , though it may seem strange, a tribe of New Yorkers surfers, addicted to sport the waves that defy the cold winters and the strange look of pedestrians to watch them walk holding their tables.

Schools like New York Surf School or progressive brands in the panorama surf as Saturdays New York are the spearhead of a city hides among its topics a potential surf very little known and that makes us ask ourselves lead the table if we are going to visit the Big Apple.

This video from several perfect sessions on the shores of New York will leave more than one with the mouth open the quality of the waves.

surf surf in new york city . See  in xcooltube .

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