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standrews university for surfers surfing

Scotland, cold and olona

may not be the first destination that crosses your mind when you think of surfing and study, but the University of St Andrews is a beach town with two quite acceptable beach breaks and at a distance of campus.

Es the Universdad Scotland ‘s oldest, and the third English speaking after Oxford and Cambridge.

You can find a variety of races, but St.

Andrews gets its fame for careers in the field of Physics and Astronomy, International Relations, Computer Engineering Geography, Mathematics, Theology, Studies Middle East and Africa and Arts and Humanities.


in Scotland, on the east coast between Edinburgh and Dundee.

The campus is located in the same city, which is home to more than 17,000 citizens, plus a student population of approximately 10,000 university.

For the surfer initiation, the quiet tourist or longboard.

Scotland offers, a short distance from Edinburgh, the The Borders spots surrounded by spectacular nature, small fishing villages and quieter surf conditions.

Distance to surf:

A thn what can be considered distance.

East Sands Beach, is the break of the city is not very consistent but may have good waves, and is within walking distance of campus.

The long sandy beach of West Sands Beach, just north of the city, is a perfect wave for beginners.

In addition, the more adventurous have land to explore in the vicinity, though the water is quite cold in winter.

Only for brave!

Cost of living:

Far from what UK usually, is pretty cheap.

Student residences are 3,000 pounds to 7,500 a year, but it is interesting to consider that possibly’re only a period of 9 to 10 months per academic year.

A study revealed that St.

Andrews is the third university with cheaper cost of living.

Why St.


Because you will study in a world – class university with a long and prestigious reputation.

Also , if you are surfer besides practicing golf, this is your site :, St.

Andrews is known as the home of golf.

But the jewel of Scottish surf is Thurso, on the northern tip of Scotland.

The wave is world class and not only attracts a large number of surfers from around the world but is home to some of the most important surfing championships in England and Europe.

Around him, the north coast produces large, powerful beaks that has been compared to the Hawaiians or canaries.

This area is definitely for experienced surfers.

standrews university for surfers surfing . See  in xcooltube .

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