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Snapper Rocks surf waves interesting

On our tour of interesting waves, we jump to Australia. And no, not going to Bells beach (that is the left to Bodhi … for now). Let’s Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast.

Unquestionably, surfing is Hawaii. But so are Australia, Asia and America. Europe is going slowly being. But we still have more to assimilate the culture of surfing. Water and surfs the planet together.

Today we will talk about Snapper Rocks, Australia. This wave is located on the Gold Coast. His name is clear: we also have other interesting breakers. We have all heard Kirra, Superbank or Duranbah.

Certainly Superbank deserves an entry for herself. It is one of the longest waves in the world.

Superbank a day cañero

Snapper Rocks is one of the most important rights waves in the world and is located between Queensland and New South Wales, in the heart of the Gold Coast. To locate the wave, you can clarify by saying that is to the left of Superbank, which is in turn very close to Kirra. On a normal day, a wave can last between 50 and 300 meters … a dream come true for many.

Since 2002, Snapper Rocks celebrates one of the tests of the WSL, sponsored by Quiksilver: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, which has . open the tour this year

the forum user Todosurf, @homer qualifies us: ‘Clarify that Superbank is the set of different sections, from Snapper Rocks to Kirra the order form more back to below.: Snapper Rocks, Rainbow bay, Greenmount, Coolangatta Beach, Kirra Point and North Kirra. in days of normal waves are sections of the same wave that do not connect to each other, but with a good swell from the south or a cyclone if it is possible to go from snapper to cooly beach even reach sections Kirra (only been done once), but it has to be the wave and you know surfearla perfect.

I have been living there and say that for me the best sections are Kirra and Greenmount / Coolybeach quality and especially the volume of people, may well have a third of people than there are in Snapper or Rainbow. But the best spot is Straddie Gold coast, followed closely by Kirra. To give you the idea, it’s like putting together Landes in 2 km of beach (they are, but what you do walk is as much that) and still even better, perfect orilleras as have never seen and peaks along the beach, each better than the last north to south and south to north, where surfing alone or with a couple of friends. ‘

we leave you this video of great Parko enjoying a powerful swell in Snappers where we can enjoy the quality and wave power.

Snapper Rocks surf waves interesting . See  in xcooltube .

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