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slater impressive session in peahi surf

Fat days Pe’ahi are not any days. Fat days with Kelly Slater either.

Listen as the woman whose voice appears in the video says: ‘? That was just crazy .. Who is that’ ‘ I do not know. But it has some style. ‘That was number 1. And the anonymity shows that when you do not know who he is, can get to be confused with the average. But Kelly, and even in huge waves, brings his unique style that sets it apart.

After his unexpected withdrawal from the competition of Todos Santos, Slater remained in Hawaii, and we see that he did not idly, was not, paddled huge waves. And when the session a tweet in your account ‘It’s amazing how big is still’ small ‘Jaws. ‘

Sure, we all seem very small.

slater impressive session in peahi surf . See  in xcooltube .

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