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shane dorian nothing the iron man in his day surfing

Just a nice quiet day off swimming a little

Shane Dorian is a rara avis.

Former world tour surfer hero become big waves that moonlighted as CrossFit of the stars is almost as active as they come.

When not chasing giant waves around the world, usually at home, the Big Island of Hawaii with his family and training for the next challenge.

And although not usually sacrificing much of his rigorous training schedule, on this particular day, Dorian and known CrossFit competitor Matt Chan have decided to change training; instead of giving hard in the gym, they have chosen to swim the Ironman 2.


The two had a great time , forgetting that this sea is also home to numerous sharks and tigers enjoying a peaceful day outdoors.

shane dorian nothing the iron man in his day surfing . See  in xcooltube .

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