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riccardo uras alone with surf

From southern Italy comes Riccardo, with a unique essence, talent and professionalism

Ricardo Uras has played football in the Promotion and Excellence in Italy, but now this 23 years of Cagliari, college student, has another passion: the camera.

His short ‘In & Out’ was a success.

The new minutes filmography born of the union between passion and obsession, of the union between photography and videography, and of course the love of surfing.

Today xcooltube the Italian wants to tell his story.


Riccardo, you were a professional football player before becoming a photographer / professional videographer.

Tell us, what came first photo or surfing?

Hahaha, that’s a complicated question’s not worth !; mmm .



First came the surf; although sometimes I had to leave the water, stopping to take a photo and then get me again.

There are some moments in which emerges more or strip obsession / passion for surf photography, however, those moments are often scarce.


I’m sure many readers who love video and surf photography will be interested to know how to pass a photographer to take amateur equipment to become one of the most influential videographers from all over Italy.

Could you tell us a little about this beautiful way? I

do not know, since childhood, when traveling by car, I used to look out the window and imagine how to fit the images you saw the rhythm of the music, to convey the same emotions that I others felt.

Obviously it was all in my head.

Then, as I’ve grown I have tried to carry it out, bone: to transform those images I imagined video files that can be mounted with real songs and see if indeed that aroused in others the same emotions I felt in the moments when I imagined that.

With ‘iN & oUT’ has happened just that, at least before it was something that existed only in my head, now I can even save the iphone.

It gives me real pleasure to know that many people think that, somehow, have managed to convey all these emotions.


To what extent do you think your Italian origins have influenced your work? The sensitivity, delicacy in the image and the Mediterranean warmth are reflected in your work.

Let us go a little more in that Italian influence emanating from your videography.

Since I was little I’ve always been the type of person who stop to observe any minimum and intimate details of everything from animals to insects.

From people to monuments, etc.

Perhaps it is this part of me which may have influenced my photographic / videographic vision; as I said before, I try to tell an emotional story, transmit the images that I saw.

On the other hand, I love movies and any video from the movies to short, of any genre (surf, naturalist, represented by actors .



) I do not know if Italian origins have influenced me, but it might be something genetic, she laughs.


From your point of professional and artistic view, what is needed for good surf photography?

No, (laughs) in any case in my humble opinion, as yet consider myself a professional photographer, but I live all this history as an obsessed and passionate person.

But back to the bottom of the question, if you are looking for any type of photo, either action, adrenaline or a relaxed, funny, or shocking photo, the key is having the right light.

Thinking about what you want to photograph / record before removing the camera also helps.


If there had been a moment in history that you would have liked to portray or film, what would it have been?

I started surfing later, when he was 17.

I went full, obsessed by the sport.

I saw all surf videos I could find on the net to learn to do such a trick, such a turn, etc.

Now I think of all sessions spent alone in the water, making maneuvers that thought never achieve with ‘The Light’ perfect.

I would have also liked to have recorded the session Cyclone Cleopatra.

He was alone in a huge storm, forecasting 5’5 meters marked with winds of 60km / h.

‘But the waves were pumping !! Amazing walls.

The unlikely situation came when a man started yelling through a megaphone from a helicopter that came forth out of the water because the situation was critical.

But seeing the waves and the incredible session that I was ahead, I decided to finish what he had started and continue my session.

Riccardo Uras is a young tough, with an idea and a goal: to continue shaping surf in art and art The surf.

It was a real ‘piacere’ talk to this southern, share a different vision of the Mediterranean.

We know your talent that has opened many doors so far, it will take you even further.

At the moment, we are left with the delicacy and exquisiteness of your videos with the joy of the company of an Italian surfer brother.

Thank you for all Riccardo! And in mouth to lupo!

Interview by Carmen Frutos.

riccardo uras alone with surf . See  in xcooltube .

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