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movpack the surf scooter backpack

or bring the car back

The Movpack is not a bad idea in itself: it is a backpack with wheels which arises a table and can be used as electric skateboard by a common command.

Of course, like any worthy invention of that name, also charges the phone (yes.

While all gadget must charge mobile In fact, the most revolutionary invention would be a plug that refused to charge mobiles).

Well maybe you’re not the type more coiled office with these pints, but it is only a matter of fashion and people start using it (remember the Crocs? it only took a hung in the jungle for TV so now you feel like the best shoes in the world nor deny that can not be.

) But back to the backpack-scooter, autonomy can last for hours, besides being Airport Friendly, complying with the size of luggage and making hostesses Ryanair reach smile at and treat you like .

a human being

is not a bad invention at all; fast charging, eco-friendly transportation and the feeling of power ripar anytime.

movpack the surf scooter backpack . See  in xcooltube .

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