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mauritania interesting surf waves

To reach this wave must go to the beautiful deserts and lonely shores of Mauritania If at this point you’re not yet familiar with Mauritania, is a country on the Atlantic coast of Western Africa, between Western Sahara, Morocco and Senegal, not a place known precisely by the transit of viajeors surfers, but it is totally out of the general net surfing destinations (for now).

John Callahan, Hawaiian and surf photographer (do not expect less with a name like that ) Thierry Vergnol, surfer French born and raised in Mauritania and Sam Bleakley, British surfer and travel writer ( he has a very hard work) ran against a wreck and completely corroded by the right time in the middle of an endless and beautiful right in Mauritania who was baptized . with the name ‘Meteors’

As Thierry said: ‘If it were not for this wreck amid the wave, we could be facing one of the longest straight of north Africa.’

These guys may not have been the first to surfearla but they have been the first to talk about it. ‘Our jaws became loose as we saw for the first time that surf on background stone and sand in both directions.’ Said Sam Bleakley

Mauritania is considered relatively safe from the conflicitva and unstable border between Morocco and Western Sahara, it is believed that there are still more than sixteen thousand unexploded mines only in the area of Ras Nouadhibou, so if you give by going to explore the place, do not think much of the way go out.

to has to be concluded with this article strange and interesting world waves, just wanted to add some data more about Mauritania showing us once again the stark reality that seems to be so far from ours .

In Mauritania , slavery still exists; with more than 500,000 slaves (which is known) – Ras Nouadhibou is a colonial territory of old Spain, abandoned the typical post-colonial style, and then claimed by Morocco, Mauritania and the Polisario Front, a nationalist organization fighting for control from the earth. – There are still more than sixteen thousand unexploded mines in the area of Ras Nouadhibou – This peninsula is known as the capital of the shipwreck of the world where ships would run aground as part of insurance fraud.

mauritania interesting surf waves . See  in xcooltube .

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