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like cleaning wax your surfing wetsuit

After many sessions surf wax used for the table accelerates the damage to our wetsuit.

Here we bring you some tricks to learn to get rid of it quickly.

What you need to get all that wax not want in your suit? Take an iron, ironing clothes (or pídesela mom) and get an old towel or cloth.

Put the plate at a low temperature, test position for nylon.

Then hand it to a test mode to verify that the suit does not burn not very large area.

Place the towel over the area where the wax has stuck to the suit.

Be sure not to leave the iron long on the same spot and go moving about the area to prevent burns tissue.

You will see as wax adheres to the towel.

Repeat the process for all areas for which (chest, knees, hips, elbows, etc.

) Until no trace of wax you could consider as your second skin is necessary.

VERY IMPORTANT: suits with seals rubber will melt in the heat.

Also take the hot iron on zips or PVC knee pads because high temperatures marred.

Finally remember that some suits have a soft spot on the front that also will melt with the heat of the plate material.

Finally, we leave you a video of the house ‘Seventhwave Wetsuits’ so that you know another way to extend the life of your wetsuit .

like cleaning wax your surfing wetsuit . See  in xcooltube .

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