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Jordy Smith achieves victory in the hurley pro surfing

South African Jordy Smith claimed his first victory of the season after beating Hawaiian John John Florence in the Hurley Pro Trestles end.

Lower Trestles, the birthplace of progressive surfing honored his fame, and during this event were a wide range of air, rotations and twists that curled curl, and of course , were the two finalists who excelled in that aspect. Although Jordy Smith spun finer than John John Florence in the final, thus becoming the victory.

Meanwhile Kelly Slater, second after Grabriel Media in the ranking, was a favorite but fell in the semifinals eliminated by John John Florence, what about something the Brazilian but not enough. So after this event, and in the absence of France, Portugal and Hawaii, things in the WCT remain the same, with a commanding lead of Gabriel Medina.

Jordy Smith achieves victory in the hurley pro surfing . See  in xcooltube .

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