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Jeffreys Bay surfing mecca in South Africa surf

The legendary South African is right now home to the world championship surfing.

Us know it a little more!

Jeffery’s Bay, Jeffrey’s Bay is an inlet of the South African coast between the Garden Route and Sunshine Coast.

In the bay the warm currents from the Indian Ocean are mixed with those of the Atlantic, creating very peculiar marine conditions.

It is an enclave Fde wonderful beauty and rich natural ecosystem lined discrete houses fused with the landscape.

All this we can know the Wikipedia, but Jeffreys Bay is much more; JBay is surfing, a mecca of world surf for decades.

JBay is synonymous with good surf and a right world class where you have some of the brightest moments of surfing big as Tom Curren, Mark Ochilupo, Kelly Slater, Parko and many others.

It consists of several breakers: supertubes, tubes, point, albatross, Boneyards, magnatubes, kitchen window and main beach.

Of these, supertubes is the main and most important.

In fact, in supertubes is where ideally celebrated as now, the test of the global circuit WSL.

These days we enjoyed live on the website of the WSL this championship where we can see the high level of the professional elite in a wave of which it says’ it is easy to surf, but it’s difficult to surf well.

‘ Jeffreys Bay was not until 1964 surfed for a few local surfers.

JB takes harboring quotes professional surfing since 1981, one of the oldest evidence of surfing circuit.

Pages such as the tourism agency Jeffreys Bay, travel guides this incredible spot or list more cheap flights to that destination dreamed help us realize our dream of surfing.

Meanwhile, enjoy the championship relay and videos like this.

Jeffreys Bay surfing mecca in South Africa surf . See  in xcooltube .

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