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gus prey alone with surf

Today we want to talk about waveski.

We had the pleasure of meeting Gus Presa a little more detail.

A pioneer in the world of waveski, a surfer saw another drawing in the wave is possible.

Inside Spain, Leon grabbed bugger to surrender to his passion; the waveski.

We know a little more this modality that never fails to impress hand undoubtedly one of the greatest experts in waveski the country.

With all of us; Gus Presa.

Tell us, what is the waveski what is it ? Where you have its origins?

It’s a sport that is practiced sliding into the sea.

It basically consists of surfing the waves sitting, with the help of a shovel (double leaf, not one, as the oars SUP) to propel and help in turns and to turn around when we were face down (voluntarily or involuntarily )

note that we tied to the table by a belt quick release and we feet firmly attached to the table itself through footstraps.

Although cited as a possible origin of this sport Australian beaches, I tend to consider the American Merv Larson as the ‘father’ of modern waveski.

Merv was a seasoned kayaker (I think it became Olympic) who also worked as a lifeguard on the beaches of California and participated in competitions where rescuers themselves using their ‘skis’, a long boats that come here are not much, indeed.

in the mid-60 came to add a belt to a table sitting surfing paddleboard and helped with a shovel.

As a curiosity that had not keels, considering that already had two at each end of the blade.

And wearing a helmet where music was listening to isolate the environment and concentrate better.

Curious, is not it ?

Anyway, apart from the above anecdote, the truth is that historically we believe the Australian beaches as the germ of the sport.

And if we get homesick, it is inevitable to recall the famous ‘totora horses’ Peruvians.

Seeing that this discipline starts from as lejo¿Dónde and how you wake up in this passion for waveski with so few practitioners at the time?

I came to the South by labor, and in my first summer reasons for these latitudes (2003) I started looking for a sport that could practice on the beach.

By chance (internet, of course ) I discovered that paddling sitting could catch waves, and thus combine a good exercise with some fun.

I VALORE start with the traditional surf, but I already with 34 years (now I’m going to be 47) learning was going to cost a lot of time, and the truth is that surfing seated right away start to catch waves, but evolve to have a good level is not easy.

they had few practitioners (in fact, virtually none in our area and that time) did not care.

I’ve never been to follow the beaten track.

No doubt the response Gus impresses me, and I want to know more because of a simple internet images starts a passion for a sport that becomes almost a way of life Have you ever surfed or done body / longboard / skim or other sliding sport before starting to waveski?

Never, not even kid.

My sport was always basketball, I used 100% to it.

So I started from scratch, I’ll be 34 years!

The first thing I question to see videos of Gus is the difficulty at the entrance to the peak, because here the ducks are worth.

Sometimes I Win from Gus Dam on Vimeo.

How describe the entrance to paddle with waveski to the peak?

I would describe it as a matter of ‘timing’ because you have to read well the sea so that the wave will not ‘hunt’.

It should also rowed decision and tranquility in the case of ‘eat’ the wave.

In that case touches put his head down, as if we were ‘turtle’ with a longboard, and when the wave passes over, use the shovel through the maneuver ‘Eskimo roll’ regain the verticality and keep going up .

It ‘s a time adrenaline, and also tired.

I am aware that this circumstance makes my form is not suitable for anyone.

A pagan in the matter comes to confuse waveski and kayak surf, talk about the same or have differences?

It ‘s not the same.

They are different ways, but they share many things, obviously.

A kayak surfing is a specific dugout to catch waves, where the paddler is seated in a cubicle and its center of gravity is lower.

A waveski is like a surfboard (EPS and epoxy) with more volume, and shapeada as .

It is added a foam seat, a belt and a quick release foot straps to secure the foot.

Weight, about 7 kg, with a length around 230 cm and width of 60 cm (approximately).

His behavior in water is also something different.

The surf kayak back more easily.

The Waveskis are faster and more maneuverable.

¿Pillar waves with waveski is comforting? You do not feel a huge need to get up to see the wave from another perspective?

This question has surprised me! The truth is that not .



I guess the same happens to the ‘traditional’ surfers, who do not feel the need to sit 😉

The feeling is indescribable, I guess the same as any surfer, but being ‘fused ‘with the table, you can make you one with the wave and feel all that energy transformed into speed and movement.

Then, being with the center of gravity as low, say that the surf ‘over head’ is our daily bread.

Do you think your sport as a risky or harmful sport?

I consider very demanding.

Must be physically fit and suffer, rather, work, muscles like shoulders, back, abdominal and back (the most ‘war dan’.


I, serious injury I’ve only had a dislocated shoulder, but as I came headdress gym, we will not charge the ink on this.

So I would not call it harmful, like basketball, I had to leave this year because between muscle injuries, sprains and bruises truth is that I was bitter.

But do not forget we are in the water, a hostile environment.

And then we, the common sense of each will make surfing whether or not dangerous depending on sea conditions and experience of the surfer.

‘re The VP of the World Association of Waveski, what projects are presented as a challenge for this new year?

This year we have our big event, the World Waveski.

It is held every two years, and come almost all the best riders in the world, French, Australians, South Africans .



will take place in Santa Cruz (Portugal) from 17 to 24 July, in a very complicated beach, receiving much sea, and submerged rocks, can greatly complicate the thing, although there will be a good day, for sure.

This will be my third consecutive world (I was in 2011 in Portugal and 2014 in Durban, South Africa), and the first to have the honor of being the committee of the World Waveski surfing Association as one of four vice presidents.

in competitive hope just spend some round, something not so easy, do a good surfing (scores of 10 are already a source of joy for me) and get where I can.

I will participate in Open, where things are very complicated, with kids half my age surfing at an incredible level, and Master (age group 40 to 50 years), which may perhaps be in the TOP 10 (it will depend on whether or not to come many competitors)

Another aspect to which I am devoting special interest is the promotion of the modality in Spain.

I managed to ‘hook’ a very promising Spaniard young lad, and also a canoeist elite paraolímico who wish to participate in ‘waveski adapted’ modality first part of the test.

The auction would be my specialty was officially recognized in a federation, but difficult to see it in the short term.

Choose a wave and rider

the wave, I have it clear, and it will not be an exotic and distant.

The Canos de Meca.

I showed a video (on a good day) to a world champion waveski in a wait at an airport and thought it was a wave of Indo.

The rider, will have to be waveski .



Mathieu Babarit a French multiple – time world champion, which I have the good fortune to meet personally and admire his humility and kindness

Three things / people who take to a desert island

I tell one, Tere, my wife, with whom he formed a good team the beach without whose help and company never could develop my hobby.

She is the one who records all videos that I post on my website (I have more than 500), I arranged the material and gives me advice and corrects from outside the water.

Definitely a lucky woman to share with this man of quiet quaking and active mind sensitized with the environment and the sea, geographer and great versador of waveski, time and experience.

A real pleasure to have connected with this discipline through the words of one of the greats of our country.

Many thanks Gus.

Interview by Carmen Frutos.

gus prey alone with surf . See  in xcooltube .

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