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Playa Gris, another way to say BIG WAVES

Planeixa is the name of the place, before surfers Playa Gris baptized it as the color of its rocks. Grey Beach hosts major waves of more than 6 meters left as a result a lot of fun, and amazing level videos like this.

The beach is located in the Basque Country, between Getaria and Zumaia.

The wave breaks only under very specific conditions on rock bottom. It is only suitable for specialists, as this wave generates enough danger and orientation concentrates the strong waves coming from the Cantabrian doubling its height.

Any dismissal or fall can drag the surfer to the rocks with dramatic consequences. Fans who watch perplexed from the clifftop warn surfers whistles when the series or, when necessary, go near a jet ski approaches.

gray surf beach surf . See  in xcooltube .

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