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five reasons to love the surf surf

No excuses: We bring you the top 5 for Surf and answers myths.


go over with you today five of the most common to leave or not to start surfing reasons.

We’ve all heard some of them many times and from Xcool believe that no warrants give back the incredible sport of the waves.


– Surfing is very difficult.

Yes, the Surf is not an activity too easy.

They say nothing really worthwhile is.

If what you want is to start practicing a sport that soon you master without difficulty, it is not yours.

But if instead you are attracted to the challenge to adapt to an environment that is alien to us like the sea, develop perseverance and personal growth, satisfaction get rewarded effort and get started on a path of new experiences without end, the Surf will give you all this and more.


– Surfing is for young athletes.

Some people think that the only way to focus the practice of a sport competition or high performance.

In the case of surfing, this is not so.

There is a Surf for all ages and physical abilities, a surf of pure fun and surfing championships, amateur or professional surfing, relaxed or radical surf.

It is never too late to enjoy sliding on a table; choose the equipment, the waves and the right rhythm to your fitness and ability is essential.

Advise in a good school with monitors prepared and be aware of your own limitations you are guaranteed to practice our sport king at any age or any level.

Examples like Bethany Hamilton and many others prove it .


In Spain there are no waves.

Obviously, Spain (or the country from which you read this) is not Hawaii.

But the coast of the peninsula and islands have ideal conditions to enjoy surfing.

For its size and variety of orientations and backgrounds, we can speak without doubt the best surfing destination in Europe and one of the most attractive in the world.

Olas quality Mundaka, El Quemado, Rodiles, Pantin, La Hierbabuena and dozens of other attract surfers from around the world each year.

From perfect waves for beginners gigantic slabs, deep tubes endless maneuverable waves breaking over sand, rock or lava and often in natural places of great beauty, Spain offers quantity and quality.

With the Canary Islands, the Bay of Biscay, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean giving us somewhere good waves almost every day of the year, we can consider ourselves privileged in the world of surfing.


– Surfing is an expensive sport.

a table, a leash, a bag, paraffin, keels a neoprene or more, the time and expense employees around looking waves, either to a nearby peak or traveling to other parts of the world .



Surf costs money.

But comparing the necessary basic investment to practice with other physical activities the Surf is a highly recommended option for its price / satisfaction obtained.

In the market we have tables and high – end material and sometimes second – hand, plus the opportunity to get started in the exciting world of shape and make your own tables.

We can travel with all the luxuries or look for cheaper options backpack.

As always, depends on your budget and your tastes what you’re going to spend enjoying your passion.

5th The Surf ruin your life.

Addiction Surf is strong, its appeal is very large.

Reconciling this addiction with a conventional job, your partner, studies, family, friends or other hobbies, it can be difficult.

But in no way believe that the Surf ruin your life, even more so, it enriches dramatically.

There is no stipulated profile for the surfer.

Among us are doctors, actresses, mechanics, unemployed, homeless, millionaires .



But we all share that healthy addiction waves, saltpeter and oceans

The Surf will not ruin your life, The Surf in itself is a whole way of life.

And wonderful, too.

You may have even more reason to be used when leaving or not this sport.

But considering the only slipping over the waves feeling, intimate contact with nature and its rhythms we experience, improving our physical capabilities it brings, travel and lifestyle that provides the Surf, none of them seems convincing.

There ‘s a Surf for everyone, enjoy it!

five reasons to love the surf surf . See  in xcooltube .

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