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A Guide video and surfing in the Basque Country to help your trip to Euskadi looking waves.

Euskadi is one of the great powers of European surfing thanks to its coastline full of waves of great quality and an industry very strong surf with big brands tables and distribution companies.

Also a perfect destination for a surf trip that combines culture, nature and waves.

And gastronomy !!

has beach waves high quality and popularity as Zarautz and Mundaka bar, considered one of the best left on the planet.

It also has big waves as Meñakoz and Playa Gris that are famous worldwide.



With two surfboards and a book of a Hawaiian photographer as luggage, vitoriano Ignacio Arana returned in 1912 to his homeland after It has been for several years Spanish consul in the Hawaiian islands.

During the Civil War their tables were destroyed, but the book, The Surfriders Of Hawaii, was not damaged.

This is the first publication that gives the start date of the relationship between surfing and Euskadi.

Other sources trace the origins of surfing in the Basque Country in the sixties when the first French surfers began to explore the Basque coast.

Thanks to its proximity to France were the first to surf and get materials which facilitated the entry of surfing beaches like Zurriola.


Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the Basque coast has a winter long softer than would correspond to them by their latitude.

Euskadi has a type of mesothermal climate, moderate in temperatures and rainy.

The water temperature in summer is around 20 degrees and although winter is cold and can snow on the coast exceptionally, the temperature of the rare water time low of 11 degrees.

So the winter surf in a wetsuit requires about 4/3, booties and according to your stamina and day, gloves and hat against the cold.

The Basque Coast receives storms mainly in the north and northwest.

More in winter, being the most active time of big waves.

In a good winter constancy wave may reach 100% of the days, but the weather conditions are the toughest, temperatures drop and the water can reach 11 °.

On the contrary, the beaches and the waves are almost empty.

It is the season of seeking and finding treasures to surf.

Meñakoz, Bizkaia

In Bizkaia

Sopelana and wild.

Located in the region of Uribecosta, Sopelana is a municipality located 20 minutes from Bilbao, where the surf is protagonist throughout the year.

Besides offering superb views from the top of the cliffs, Sopelana also has large and beautiful beaches perfect for fans of this sport.

According to the villagers say, the first surfer who spotted on the Biscay coast was in Sopelana environment year 1964.

However, the most demanded beach to enjoy the waves today, is known as the Wild or Barinatxe, a beach of 752 meters long belonging to the municipalities of Getxo and Sopelana.

Although the vast majority of seabed on this beach sand, on the right side also has a rocky area known as ‘the Triangle’.

As the waves, is characterized by having a long beak and is therefore suitable for both initiation and for training.


The small village of Mundaka, located in the natural biosphere of Urdaibai (30 minutes from Bilbao), besides having an undeniable beauty, has become an important icon in the world of surfing.

Its magnificent wave of left is considered the best in Europe and one of the ten largest in the world.

His perfection is due to a consistent sandbar offering as long, tubular waves.

Thanks to these waves Mundaka has hosted the world championship top flight for a decade.

However, it is in the winter months when the possibility of surfing increases and storm surges and tides that make the floor a paradise work best in autumn spring.

Recently, the town of Mundaka has declared ‘Reserve Surf’ its wave left famous, one of the best in Europe, a threatened by dredged sand has been very controversial and protested by surfers and naturalists wave.

with this statement, the Basque town considered ‘publicly recognizes the exceptional nature of his breaking coast and its unique value as heritage and natural, sporting, economic and socio – cultural resource.

‘ Nestled in the heart of Urdaibai estuary, Mundaka saved ‘as a treasure its wave famous Left, a world of surfing’ and believes that his initiative gives the town ‘an instrument of recognition and appreciation of this unique natural resource.

In Gipuzkoa


When we talk about Zarautz (within one hour of Bilbao), we do the surfing town of Gipuzkoa, with surfers from the likes of Aritz Aranburu, one of the few Europeans who has managed to reach the world elite surf.

Besides having one of the largest beaches in the Basque Country, waves of Zarautz is constant and gives options to all levels of surf.

There are all kinds of infrastructure to meet you : surfcamps, surf schools, rental and repair, snowboard shops .



Donostia San Sebastian

In the case of the capital of Gipuzkoa (one hour of Bilbao), best known for this sport is the urban beach of La Zurriola, which is particularly remarkable for its intense waves, permanent throughout the year.

With waves breaking right and left alike, it is one of the best beaches for surfing in the Basque Country.

Also, being located in the city, is one of the beaches most sought for both swimmers and for surfers and within reach of all amenities of beautiful San Sebastian.

Basque Country / French- Biarritz

is said was the Playa de Biarritz ( two hours from Bilbao) the place that introduced the sport of surfing in Europe in the decade of the 50.

in this measure, in 1957, the American Peter Viertel was the first to ride on waves that because of its symmetry and perfection, have been defined as ‘Les Rouleaux’.

Today, known as one of the key surf spots, Biarritz attracts surfers from around the world and is that this small town, along with a spectacular beach and countless surf shops, offers places like Cité de l’Océan and attractiveness of its charm and spots around.


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euskadi surf in surf . See  in xcooltube .

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