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Eddie Aikau 2017 the most legendary surf championship again waimea

Following the news of cancellation after 31 years, the championship most legendary big wave Waimea again this season with the best big wave surfers in the world.

31 years of the championship world ‘s most important big wave will not be interrupted: After a disagreement between Quiksilver and Aikau family, last month announced he would not be held.

However, a ray of hope appeared when Quiksilver said it would give permission for the family event.

But since then, apart from a few rumors, we still news.

Only we can now say with certainty that the two sides have reached an agreement and Eddie will be held this year, provided if there are waves of sufficient size, of course.

‘ We are proud to see that the tradition of The Eddie continues without interruption, a testament to our respect for Eddie Aikau, the Aikau family, the Hawaiian people and the wider community, ‘said Pierre Agnes, CEO of Quiksilver.

‘Grateful for the efforts and support of the Aikau family and WSL Surf World League under the leadership of Paul Speaker, who have worked very hard with our team in recent weeks to reach a solution’.

The opening ceremony will take place on Thursday, December 1st and the waiting period will run until 28 February.

Let’s look at the guests this year: The list of guests as an alternative to low or injury of key players surfers is no less brilliant: It emphasizes the great Keala Kenely,

Eddie Aikau 2017 the most legendary surf championship again waimea . See  in xcooltube .

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