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comes the swell of the season to surf Teahupoo

Come the waves extremely powerful Tahitian spot and local give the show

‘s first powerful swell of the season, expected wave front, finally comes to one of the most famous and chilling left the planet.


The Tahitians local, those heirs the blood that invented the surf thousands of years ago, gave the show a level surf that wave just enjoy can usually provide.

Riders Polynesians whose names we certainly sounded in the future.

Surfers enjoy surfing as Matahi Drollet, TIKANUI SMITH, MATEIA Hiquily, MATEHAU TETOPATA, Arenui PARKER, DAVID Tereva, ENRIQUE ARIITU and others.

comes the swell of the season to surf Teahupoo . See  in xcooltube .

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