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chile surf destination surf pichilemu

A unique wave off the coast of Chile

Capital of Surfing in Chile and worldwide reference. This fishing village has much to contribute.

For Chileans, the world capital of surfing. For visitors good waves, the best deal of the Chilean people, gastronomy ten and much, much surf. Pichilemu has two main sectors; La Puntilla and Punta de Lobos. Both funds of sand and point break.

La Puntilla is a left metrazo up to three meters. Long till you drop, with easy entry and a wave shirt for beginners. Beside the beach you find quality schools with instructors of great national and international recognition, such as the Apple 54 school Elvi Muñoz at the head, a pioneering professional sport, prominent tamañero and lover SUP. La Puntilla is ideal for beginners and pros. But if you still want more, just minutes find Punta de Lobos.

Punta de Lobos, only recommended for pros when it gets big, pros with good arms and good lungs and courage to face up to 10 meters of water bodies that can get. With some of the best sunsets from the water, this spot has been a place of world competitions and godfather of great surfers like Damien Hobgood, Medina or Merello. Jumping from the rocks requires noses, reach the lineup is a milestone, making the drop is heroic, and surfearla is an eternal achievement.

Pichilemu is a place to visit before moving to the other side. The risk is be intoxicated by the magic, the warmth of its people and the quality of your surfing.

We leave you this video that brings the beauty, power and perfection of this Chilean miracle.

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