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Blue Rider surf without limits with gallo aitor surf Francesena

Aitor Francesena fell in love surfing very young, with 12 years in his beloved Zarautz.

Like so many kids from the time he began to get into the water as much as he could arrange his first touches, to create their first tablets.

Unbeknownst to his family at first, fearful that the sport ‘risk’ could affect your ailment.

Because Aitor ‘Gallo’ Francesena born with congenital glaucoma, a disease that goes progressively diminishing vision that can, as appropriate, to make you blind.

Aitor already stood out among surfers from Zarautz when he had the pioneering idea Europe to transmit their knowledge and enthusiasm, their faith in the effort and work at a quarry of young surfers zarauzttarras, including you future stars of Spanish and international surfing as Aritz Aranburu, Axi Muniain or hodei Collazo.

Train these young people to perfect their surfing, applying own methods and perseverance.

And it gave excellent results.

Little by little, first one eye at age 14 and later due to a blow to water the other, Aitor lost his sight.

But that has not been for nothing, an impediment to the crash of surf and life follow not only catching waves as often as ever, but training background to other surfers, writing books technique more than recommended surf, the essential ‘Will is Power’ and ‘the waves counted’, representing Spain with the selection of international surfing championships within the category surf adapted and, above all, giving an example of improvement and motivation to others.

The passion of this guipuzcoano for surfing is total: ‘Surfing is my life, what motivates me to follow ahead, making a normal day become great if I have a bath, which fills me completely.

And transmit with books and the coaches that passion I feel and see that it is well received, that people like and enjoy, fills me with joy like a good wave.

His enthusiasm is contagious and his smile says it all: Aitor is very much alive, happy, full of activity and projects, never surpassed by circumstances, always full of desire to face new challenges, new waves in your life.

That energy, extraordinary optimism, example and encouragement to all, is what leads to him giving talks, to continue their excellent work with young surfers and be undoubtedly a motivating human being.

Thanks, ezkerrik asko,

Blue Rider surf without limits with gallo aitor surf Francesena . See  in xcooltube .

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