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as donning and doffing properly surf surf

Donning and doffing neoprene sometimes becomes a real ‘struggle’ that takes us time, strange postures and even muscle pulls.

With these tips and you will not suffer more videos!

The wetsuit is necessary and with this guide to their characteristics and different types can choose the most suitable for you.

But, Who has not happened ?: You come to the beach, the sea is perfect and the waves were expecting finally break before you, and there are people in the water, the tide will change quickly and the wind threatens to be wrong Little time.

You have to hurry, your heart beats at full speed and surfing anticipate that you’re going to hit.

You take your board, you give paraffin, put keels .



And you start to get the suit.

Normally, and if a suit without zipper, it is cold and we are stiff or suit is wet from other sessions, put the suit costs us a good time, contorsionándonos looking for that leg does not appear, poised to pass that stuck standing, pulling the waist, bending the arm at odd angles to pass the other .



a ‘yoga’ that sometimes takes us too much time and effort.

With these three videos we can learn useful techniques for donning and doffing the suit in a simple way and enter the fast water and no flushing or pulling through the process of ‘dress’ neoprene.

First this video with the perfect procedure for donning a wetsuit zipper, front or back.

And now a video advising an old trick that works with all costumes, a system for quickly and without problems even get those wetsuits without zipper so hot but sometimes and depending brands can be quite a complicated issue.

We ended up with this video, a tutorial to take it away properly after bathing, without injuries, including falls, and without damaging the neoprene.

as donning and doffing properly surf surf . See  in xcooltube .

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