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andy irons treasures his family opened its first surf garage

We entered the garage Andy Irons, closed since his death, and discovered his legacy: his most mythical tables, tights, trophies, photos .



the memory of this unique character in the history of surfing.

Andy Irons, 3 times world champion and unique personality, is a myth surfing forever.

His life and his death, his exciting career in professional surfing are reflected in this complete article, interview and videos, as a tribute to many describe as the great talent of surfing the twentieth century and the alternative to the reign of Kelly Slater.

After the tragic death of Andy in 2010, his garage was untouched and closed until today, when his wife Lyndie, his brother Bruce and his friend Joel Parkinson are reopening and teach us part of the legacy of this great figure.

His most legendary tables, their times, their tights, trophies and photos with important part about his rivalry / friendship with Slater, who narrates the recent movie you can see here, even your golf equipment.

Anecdotes and stories that bring us back the presence of this great and misunderstood rebel without a cause that marked our sport forever.

andy irons treasures his family opened its first surf garage . See  in xcooltube .

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